October 30, 2012 admin32

It’s a tough job, but….someones got to do it!

We know you LOVE ice cream, so on your behalf we are getting ready to pack our bags and head to FLORIDA 😉

We will be attending conferences, visiting with ice cream founders & veterans, and making stops at famous Ice Cream Parlours.

At our meetings we are prepared to get monster brain freezes and tantalize our taste buds. We are going to eat sooo much ice cream and ice cream treats that we may need to buy a few extra seats just to get home.

We are putting ourselves through all of this for YOU! ……and maybe a little because like you we LOVE ICE CREAM.

We hope to learn lots about up and coming ice cream flavours and trends, and ways we can make our store even more fun and exciting for you. (especially with our new building on the way).

Stay scooped, we will be posting pics and comments from our journey.