September 12, 2012 admin32

In store for great weather!

We love sunny days and September seems to have plenty of them!  We are stocked up with your favorite Ice Cream flavours, but we are letting all of our other (non-ice cream) products run out as our season will end when the rain sets in.

You can still stop in for your for your Dipped n Rolled Triple Scoop Ice Creams, Two Scoop Double Chocolate Sundaes, Hand-scooped Milkshakes or even a Banana Split with all the fixings…..and of course we still have the best espresso beans ready for brewing.

What you may not find in our store in September is Candy, Novelty Ice Cream Bars, Baked Goods and Large Varieties of Smoothie flavours.

But we will be back in full swing next April!

Keep following our blog over the winter as we are working on some interesting ideas and we will be sharing all the cool details.

Have a scooper day!