November 22, 2012 Yvette

But wait…..there’s still more….

….besides the fact that we are building a completely new building, which is exciting enough.  If you haven’t already caught on……..we are building enough room for a manufacturing area so we can make small batch handcrafted super premium and super awesome ice cream!!! …. and there will be a window so you can see how its made.

A few months ago we purchased a fantastic Emery Thompson Batch Freezer and we were lucky enough to meet the man behind this fabulous machine when we were at the NICRA convention.  We have watched tons of his videos and it was a real treat to meet him.


Steve’s family has been manufacturing batch freezers for over 100 YEARS!!!! Super Cool 😀


We went to the NICRA convention to do tons of research for our new product line and we are so excited about all the information we can put to use.  The next step for us is an Ice Cream Science Technology course in Guelph, Ontario. Once we have all the science behind adding more goodness in the ice cream we will be ready to tweak every one of your favorite flavours, and introduce a few super tasty new ones!

We have been practicing some of our new flavours on a small scale with a nifty home ice cream machine with great success.  Our friends are happy to be our guinea pigs…it is delicious free ice cream after all.

Spring just can’t come quick enough for us!